How does it work?

How does it work?

40 Days with Jesus is based around a teaching series that KingsGate Community Church ran following easter 2012. Instead of having Easter Sunday as a stand-alone celebration, we said "Welcome to week one of a journey" and invited people to come with us. Many people came to Christ, and many people came back to Christ. Our hope is that many other churches will also experience this as they go on the 40 day journey. 

We want to make 40 Days with Jesus as easily accessible as possible, so we're creating multiple resources which allow the whole church to learn together. To view sample resources click here.

For You

A 40-day devotional to strengthen you in your walk with God as you explore the life-changing encounters that  biblical characters had with the risen Jesus.

For your small group

Free online video teaching and study guides to help your small group learn and share together as you work through the devotional.

For your church

Free online sermon outlines for church leaders - exploring each of the six encounters highlighted in the devotional and small group resources.

Terry Virgo

'Few passages from the Bible can compete with the exhilaration and excitement of Jesus’ resurrection appearances. Dave has penetrated these wonderful accounts and presents them with real pastoral skill and evangelistic zeal.'